CS 2011 «Sustainable Water Management: the case of Mönchaltorfer Aa, Greifensee»


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The Transdisciplinary Case Study (TdCS) is a compulsory part of the MSc in Environmental Sciences - Major in Human-Environment Systems (10 CP) but offered for other Masters, too (for some basic information, see the following presentation or this flyer). It is a course offering specific learning opportunities in line with ideas from project or problem based learning (see »»).

The TdCS of the Spring Term 2011 was organized within the Swiss National Research Programme 61 "Sustainable Water Management" (NRP 61, for details see »»). The NRP 61 will work out scientific foundations and methods for sustainable management of Switzerland’s water resources. The research projects started in January 2010.


The case area of the TdCS 2011 was the region of the Mönchaltorfer Aa and the Greifensee. For this area, the TdCS 2011 looked into:

  1. local actor networks in an Integrated Watershed Management plan (Massnahmenplan Wasser Einzugsgebiet Greifensee)
  2. robustness and acceptance of different water infrastructure alternatives under different future scenarios; and
  3. the impact of water use in agriculture in the time of climate change.


In the TdCS 2011, we worked in three groups, with 5 to 6 students each, on specific issues but closely related to each other. The following groups participated in 2011:

Daniel Arnet Major Human-Environment Systems (HES); Horacio Augstburger HES; Elena Burri HES; Till Grüter HES; Jonas Hilty HES; Matthias Honegger HES; Leonhardt Jancso HES; Dominique Jaquemet HES; Paola Perez Leiva HES; Hélène Rochat HES; Robert Scherzinger HES; Emilia Schmitt HES; Simon Steiger HES; Kaoru Yamada Mobility student; Matthias Zimmermann HES; Ari Zwick HES; César Costa MAS Sustainable Water Resources

Prof. Dr. Stefanie Engel (overall responsibility)
Dr. Michael Stauffacher (overall management, coordination, responsibility for teaching)

Dr. K. Ingold, Dr. J. Balsiger, Prof. Dr. S. Hellweg, Dr. Lienert, Dr. Maurer, Prof. Dr. E. Morgenroth

PhD students (tutoring student groups)
C. Egger, N. Lehmann, F. Metz, F. Schnetzer, L. Scholten, D. Tendall

Main partners from practice (Td Board, Begleitgruppe)
Frank Gertsch, ARGE Astra Volketswil; Alice Johnson, Leiterin Naturstation Silberweide; Heinz Kunz, Landwirt, Mönchaltorf; Martin Moos, Leiter ARA Bachwis, Fällanden; Armin Mühlebach, Gemeinderat / Finanzvorstand Greifensee; Stefan Schmid, Sektion Planung, AWEL, Zürich; Ute Schnabel-Jung, Geschäftsstelle Greifensee Stiftung; Christian Stamm, EAWAG, Dübendorf; Daniel Winter, Aqua Terra, Dübendorf; Thomas Beerstecher, Gemüsebauer, Dübendorf/Mönchaltorf; Ralph Widmer, Gossweiler Ingenieure AG, Dübendorf.



Brochure (in German)

Jaquemet, D., Battaglia, G., Rubel, M., Honegger, M., Metz, F., Scholten, L., Schnetzer, F., Egger, C., Tendall, D., Lehmann, N. und Stauffacher, M. (2012): Nachhaltige Wassernutzung – Der Fall Mönchaltorfer Aa, Greifensee. ETH-IED
Fallstudie 2011. Zürich: TdLab available as pdf (2.3 MB)

Newspaper articles

Zürcher Oberländer, 23. Juni 2011
"Greifensee-Region im Fokus der Forscher"
(shorter online version)


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